Kind, kindness, calm, thriving. Walk happily on what one wishes and undertakes. Welcome to our home!
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Connect with your natural self. Breath deeply; you are already at Bonanza.
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Stay over and continue to enjoy our people’s hospitality.
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Improve your moments in a space that changes it all.
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The park

Surrounding the lodge, the Park and the dock are not less important if you want to spend a great time here. It is a 3,000-m2 park, with trees and lovely plants where you can lay in the hammocks or the rest chairs as well as sunbathe on the sandy beach. Bicycles; ping-pong, soccer, fishing and canopy are the options you can enjoy.

The pier

An excellent space to enjoy tea served with traditional island pastry at sunset or dine under the brightness of full moon nights.

The reserve

We afforest, we promote communal living among local flora and fauna and develop a sustainable tourism undertaking. Bonanza is a place where everything flows naturally with genuine love for what we do.

I am Rosana Di Mecola. At Bonanza we really care about the importance of preserving the environment and its biodiversity. In accordance, we offer diligent service so that you feel comfortable at all times. We protect the environment with awareness actions such as afforesting with local flora and reducing the impact to a minimum possible as regards every aspect related to the business. We create actions that translate into opportunities for locals, respecting their culture, buying their products and services. We believe in fare trade. With simplicity, functionality and love for what we do, we welcome you to this home of ours.

My grandparents arrived at the Delta in 1946 and established in a beautiful farm house surrounded by fruit trees with a productive orchard. It was only in 1971 that we moved to Bonanza farmhouse, centennial at present. My father, Osvaldo Di Mecola, found the lands and house almost abandoned. He devoted his time to repair it and restarted the forestation
with willows and poplars.

Today we open the Doors of our house so that you enjoy it with all the surroundings where we have lived and loved for so many years.